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Xeronine/Dr. Heinicke

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Dr. Ralph Heinicke: Leading Expert on the Noni Fruit and Xeronine

Dr. Ralph HeinickeThe discoverer of the benefits of Morinda citrifolia, Dr. Ralph Heinicke, who spent over 45 years studying the plant and named it's components, endorses only Morinda's TAHITIAN NONI® juice.  *Dr. Ralph Heinicke has spent most of his life studying Morinda citrifolia and the nature of its healthful properties, including Xeronine and Proxeronine.  He is the world’s leading expert on Morinda citrifolia.

"Morinda is the first company to bring Morinda citrifolia juice to the world and continues as the leader in Morinda citrifolia research and expertise.  I have worked directly with Morinda’s lab to continue the research I began on the healthful properties of Morinda citrifolia, including Xeronine and its precursor, Proxeronine," says Heinicke.

Dr. Heinicke’s first step in discovering the active ingredients of the noni fruit was in his work at the Dole® Pineapple Company in Hawaii.  He was commissioned to find medicinal uses for the enzyme bromelain, which was prevalent in pineapple.  Dr. Heinicke had been attempting to identify the unknown ingredient in bromelain, which he believed was actually responsible for the encouraging results of his clinical work.  After many years of research, he eventually identified this ingredient as a new alkaloid to which he gave the name "Xeronine".  In December 1981, Dr. Heinicke patented Xeronine as a new alkaloid.

As a result of his research, Dr. Heinicke was convinced of the potential benefits of Xeronine and set out to find a supplemental food source that was high in Proxeronine - the precursor to Xeronine.  He discovered that noni fruit not only contains enormous amounts of Proxeronine, but that it also contains the enzyme that helps change Proxeronine into Xeronine, called Proxeroninase.

Proxeronine, Proxeroninase, Xeronine

*Dr. Heinicke has joined forces with Morinda and consults with our research and development department, helping to further identify the wonderful benefits of TAHITIAN NONI® Juice.

"Morinda harvests noni exclusively from French Polynesia, the source of the best quality noni with the highest levels of Proxeronine of any fruit in the world.  Morinda’s exclusive proprietary processing method uses the entire fruit and assures that all of the healthful properties of noni are included in their juice.  Morinda’s TAHITIAN NONI® Juice is the only noni juice I recommend and endorse," says Heinicke.

Morinda is the ONLY company that employs full-time PhD scientists as researchers, specifically for the purpose of learning more about the components and benefits of TAHITIAN NONI® juice for everyone, everywhere.  Morinda knows more about noni, what it is, and how to produce the most effective product than any other company in the world. Not one other company has the capability (or resources) to test for the levels of the dozens of components founds in noni.  Noni is a very complex gift of nature. 

  * Dr. Heinicke is a paid consultant of Morinda, Inc.

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Independent Morinda Distributors #900315 and  #954488. TAHITIAN NONI®, MORINDA®, Tahiti Dream™, Tahiti Trim™, SmartCaps™, Smart Extracts™ and ExpressWay™ are trademarks of Morinda, Incorporated.